Friday, November 2, 2012


So we're off to Byron Bay for a week today. I can't wait! I feel like we ALL need this holiday and time with each other as a family. Away from the hustle and bustle and relentless schedule of everyday life.
It's amazing how just a week away can recharge you.

Although every time I think about holidaying with kids I am reminded of Claire from Modern Family saying "I'm a mum, this is not a holiday. It's a business trip".  

How funny! Although Noah will keep to the same routine we won't be watching the clock for school pickups etc. I'm also looking forward to another batch of Noah's firsts. First plane ride, first beach holiday. We will be catching up with our Gold Coast cousins and I'm looking forward to watching Finn and Jasper surf and take so much pleasure from being in the ocean.

Love these trips and everything they represent. Hope they can continue for so many years to come.

Also I hope the weather is good for us!


  1. Sounds wonderful Im insanely jealous! I hope the sunshines for you every day x

  2. Have a wonderful holiday, enjoy making fantastic memories with your boys xx

  3. Byron Bay is an amazing place. Somewhere to chill, enjoy, soak in and revive! Have a wonderful time and enjoy the holiday together x

  4. Have a lovely break and I hear you with the school run interrupting baby issue. That will also nice to be on holiday from. Seeing everyone just relax and enjoy themselves will be fantastic.

  5. Sounds like a perfect getaway Simone, hope you all enjoy every moment x

  6. Sounds just perfect - I hope it is.
    :-) x

  7. Beautiful! Enjoy every moment... it sounds like you definitely plan to! But I agree, holidays are NO holiday for Mama's ;) xo


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