Saturday, November 10, 2012

Noah - 7 mths

Oh Noah, you are 7 months and what a big month it has been for you.

We had your Christening with the family and you loved being held by everyone. You are now enjoying new faces and being held by loving and cooing fans :) You don't mind spending moments away from Mummy but you do look around to make sure you can see me and that everything is ok.

You are having lots of fun sitting up for longer periods of time. It is fun to watch you sit and play with toys. You are moving more on your playmat and wiggling around and rolling both ways to get to where you want to be. Although you don't like playing by yourself for long, you prefer someone to hold you or entertain you. Luckily there is 2 adoring brothers on hand to help with this!

You are still enjoying your food and now like to grab the spoon and bowl and make a bit of a mess if Mummy isn't watching closely! You grunt and cry if I am not feeding you fast enough or you are ready for your second course! My little prince ;)  You are now having protein like fish, chicken and beef. Foods like quinoa, rice,couscous, yoghurt, avocado, banana, peaches, broccoli are on your menu. You like weird combinations of different foods mixed together and are not too fussy. I hope Jasper will see you eating all these different foods and take a leaf out of your book :)

We took you on your first beach holiday to Byron Bay. You loved the ocean and tasted your first bit of sand! You loved the texture of the sand between your fingers and toes. The water was too chilly for a swim, but you didn't mind standing on the shore with mummy while the waves splashed over your toes.
You and Mummy spent time on the beach people watching and taking pics of your brothers surfing. When it all got too much you napped under the shelter. You got used to the portacot and enjoyed long afternoon naps after a morning at the beach. You looked adorable in your little sunhat and cossies.
Going to Byron gave you your first plane ride and you were an angel on the trip up and slept practically the whole way. Not so much on the way back! We were "those" people on the way home for the last 20 minutes and Mummy was a bit frazzled after the journey. You were overtired and just not giving in. Oh well,it happens ;)

You are "talking" more and more and we think you are saying "Dadda" and "hello" along with lots of babbling. We all love to sit around you and listen. Finn records what you are saying on the iphone so we have those memories to keep.  It is heart melting to hear you babble and us all cheering and laughing and encouraging you. Those moments as a family are bliss and I will treasure them always.

You are enjoying your swimming lessons every Monday morning with Daddy. Your instructor says you have a very strong and natural kick. After your lesson you are so tired and often fall asleep in the car on the 5 minute drive home!

You still light up when Daddy, Finn and Jasper enter a room. You give them the biggest smile. You like them to cuddle you so you can give their hair the biggest pull and they are too kind to tell you to stop. So Mummy has to untangle your fingers and distract you with a toy. You also like to pull Dash's (the dog) fur too, if he gets in reach. He is such a good and patient dog but Mummy will be keeping a very close eye on you two! 

You are such a lovely happy boy although there has been tears if you can't have what you want. Like Finn's homework book or Jasper's games. You like to rip pages out of my magazines, and have so much fun scrunching the paper and waving it around :) Mummy is constantly taking photos of your cuteness and you have learnt to smile once the camera is pointing at you :) 

We are teaching you to clap hands at the moment and singing you nursery rhymes. You love "This little  piggy" on your toes and "Round and round the garden" makes you giggle. You are very ticklish and we love to hear you laugh. Your most ticklish spots are on your feet and on your left side of your stomach! 

Mummy loves how you reach your arms out to her to pick you up and when I go into your room to pick you up from your sleeps, the happiness on your face when you see me is priceless. You make me so happy. You are sleeping through the night and wake up at about 6.30am. Daddy gets you out of your cot and brings you into our bed for milk and cuddles and we wait for the boys to come in and say Good Morning. I can't think of a better way to start the day.

Noah you are so loved and I can't wait to see what next month will bring

Love Mummy xx


  1. This is simply gorgeous. I adore your words and that super cute cherub face is adorable! Miss having a little one in my home. Sob! N x

  2. 7 months! How did that happen!? What a beautiful little boy, he looks (and sounds) so ready for a good old Aussie Summer... future nippers star :) xo

  3. What a gorgeous little man - and such a champ.
    :-) xx

  4. Oh those cheeks!! He's adorable Simone :) I love what you've written here for him.

    Sophie xo


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