Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Around here lately......

Things have been busy at home lately, I seem to be in a frenzy of cleaning, sorting out cupboards and culling unwanted items. Every couple of days I am uploading things to Instagram and selling off my old books, linen, homewares you name it! I can't seem to stop! It's exhausting but very satisfying to see empty cupboards, things organised and it also gives me a chance to move things around and freshen up the rooms and house. I always seem to do this for each new season......

Here are a few photos from my week - 

Noah's room

The colours are very calming, most toys are packed away in his cupboards and the space under his bed is used to store train tracks and his huge container of Thomas trains (a collection passed down from his older brothers)

My brother and sister in law are moving overseas for a short stint (we'll really miss them!) so they passed their plants onto me.  Yay! I'm very happy with this new greenery in the house!

Jasper had his first school camp, sleeping away overnight and started back at soccer. 
The Saturday morning shuffle between soccer and rugby begins!

 Browsing through H&M Home the other day, I  couldn't resist picking up a few new cushion covers.
I love these colours for Autumn. 

This is the look Dash gives me when I ask him to move so I can take a photo ;)

We're planning on giving our bathrooms a little spruce up in the next month or so. After 15 years they're looking a little tired. We'll be keeping the white wall tiles (just having them freshly grouted) but will be replacing the floor tiles, tapware, shower head and vanity and refreshing the bath area.

We wanted to find a floor tile that would blend well with our white concrete floors and tie in with the rest of the bathroom. I originally had my heart set on a greyish carrara hex tile but after a bit of research decided that they weren't for us due to practicality but the ones pictured below are similar.

We had brunch at Flower Child at our local Westfield's the other day. I loved the interiors with the mix of floral fabric, cane chairs and patterned tiles. The food was ok too ;)

Finn is currently away on a week long camp with his school, hiking and camping in the Kangaroo Valley. We're looking forward to seeing him on Friday afternoon!

Another big job we have on our hands at the moment is landscaping our front yard. When we first built our house 15 years ago we didn't have the budget for landscaping so we planted some trees along the fence to block out the neighbours and road noise and laid some jasmine as ground cover.

For the first few years everything grew nicely but over time due to a lack of maintenance things got a little out of control! Some of the trees along the garage started to die and the jasmine started to take over the trees along the fence. We kept putting off doing anything major as we knew it was going to be a huge job but in the last few weeks we bit the bullet and the clear out process has begun.

Simon got the chainsaw out and began the process of cutting down the trees. We got someone to come and take away over 3.9 tonne of trees, trunks and vegetation! The next step is to get an excavator in to smooth out everything so we can replant. 

It's all looking very ugly in the meantime! 
We're also feeling very exposed as the trees gave us a lot of privacy. Anyway I will update you with our progress as we go along. 

How has your week been? Any work going on around your place?

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