Friday, December 23, 2016

Our December Byron Trip 2016

We're heading back home today after our relaxing pre Christmas trip to Byron Bay.
We stayed for a couple of nights at South West Rocks on our way up. It was lovely to check out a new town and the boys loved the waterpark at the Big 4 we stayed at.

We then made our way up to Byron and enjoyed our daily trips to the beach, wandering the shops and discovering new places to eat. It was a great recharge after a busy year and has us rested and ready for the excitement of Christmas and the new year.

Here are some photos from our trip........

Have you got a holiday coming up? Where are you off to?

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  1. Hi Simone,
    I'm a brazilian fan of your blog :)
    I love how you can always add beauty and joy in things!
    Have you ever thought about visit Brazil?
    xx D├ębora


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