Sunday, November 6, 2016

Camping on the beach - November 2016

We decided last minute to join some friends and head down the coast camping for the weekend.
We picked the boys up from school at lunch-time and drove down with the car and trailer loaded up.
The sun was shining and the ocean sparkling and once the tent and gazebo were set up we enjoyed a drink as the sun went down and enjoyed the view. For dinner we made ham + cheese toasties and the boys loved the novelty of cooking over the fire. 

What is it about camping that makes you tired? Must be all the fresh air!
We were all in bed early and woke up to an amazing view. Simon and Finn pulled on their wetsuits and headed out to take advantage of the waves.

We brought the totem tennis down and it kept the boys entertained when they weren't in the water. They also enjoyed exploring the rock pools and when Mr Whippy drove into the campground their day was made! 

It was so nice to get away and just slow down. The early nights and lazy days felt great and we're refreshed  and ready to get into the week and the busy time leading up to Christmas.

I get asked a lot about where we go to camp - we went to Coledale camping grounds just north of Wollongong. We love the fact that you are camping right on the beachfront.
We've been looking for another site that suits us but so far haven't found one.
You can read about our camping must haves here

Our tent is a 4m bell tent that we bought from Wild Things Gallery.
We love it for the height and feeling of space inside plus it looks nice ;)
All 5 of us fit inside snugly. We had some wild winds on the Saturday night and our tent was one of the only ones that stayed standing so it is pretty sturdy, also waterproof.
We also take along a gazebo for extra shade that we set up alongside the tent.

I took all my photos on my new iPhone 7+ and was so impressed with the camera.
It's just so much sharper than my previous phone. Love it!

How was your weekend?  What did you get up to?

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