Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hello Winter......

It's the first day of winter today and the weather has turned freezing. Since we've had such amazing weather up until this point it's been a shock to the system! 

The lamps are getting turned on earlier, cosy throws are on the lounge and the heaters have made an appearance. I'm not a huge fan of the cold so I'm focusing on the good things that winter brings - 

life slows down a little, warm baths, soup, cosy beds and sleeps ins, hot chocolate, candles and lamps at night, woolly knits, jeans and boots most days.  

I've put together a few wintery images to celebrate my favourite things about the new season.....

What do you love most about winter?

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  1. It has been really cold in Perth as well! We have just built a new courtyard garden so looking forward to getting some plants and herbs and veggies planted so that nature can do it's thing and give them lots of rain (as I'm always terrible at remembering to water them!). The slow cooker has been out a lot more lately and a pot of soup on the stove on the weekend has become quite the tradition too :)


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