Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saturday Baking - Nutella Pull-Apart Pastry

We made this Nutella Pull-Apart Pastry today for afternoon tea. It was cold, the boys wanted something warm and chocolatey so I looked in the pantry to see what I could find. 

I saw a jar of Nutella on the shelf and I remembered seeing this clip on how to make 
Nutella Braided Tear + Share Bread on You Tube

After watching it a couple of times I decided to take a short cut and use some ready made pastry I had in the freezer. I had a lot of "helpers" around and I wanted something fast and pretty simple.

Using the pastry was quick and easy but I will give Steve's way a try in the future as it really does look delicious. Here are a few pics of my baking below-

Do you have any delicious Nutella recipes up your sleeve?
I don't really think you can go wrong with it!


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