Friday, March 6, 2015

Delicious Mocha Mousse Cake - a Nespresso Creation

I can't think of a better combination than coffee and chocolate.
So when we were craving something sweet the other day I decided to make a Mocha Mousse cake.

As we were adding coffee to a cake that the kids were going to eat too, we thought decaf coffee was the best option. The coffee taste without the caffeine hit.  Also another slice before bed wasn't going to keep us up! ;) 

It was delicious! The flavours went together perfectly and a few raspberries were the finishing touch.

 A few visuals of my baking skills ;)

Now as I decided to bake this cake in the middle of packing up our house for our renovations, I decided to take a few short cuts and have my friend Adriano Zumbo help me out.

I added my shot of decaf Nespresso to the biscuit base but you could add it to the mousse or chocolate glaze. Just reduce the liquid by the same amount. I chose the Arpeggio as it has a great coffee strength without being bitter.

But if you have the time to make your cake from scratch this recipe found here is very similar.

It really was delicious and the cake was eaten very quickly!

Don't you think coffee and chocolate were made to be together? What is your favourite food to have with coffee? Have you created a Nespresso creation? I'd love to hear about it x

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  1. Im pretty much licking the computer screen right now! This looks so delicious Simone.
    I love the intense coffee flavour in desserts, especially doubling it up and washing it down with a short black :)


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