Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A sneak peek at the Showbags for the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015.

Jasper and I were lucky enough to be invited to the Showground (at Olympic Park) the other day to take a sneak peek at the Showbags for the Sydney Royal Easter Show this year. 

We were greeted by a man making the most fantastic balloon animals.

The Showbag pavilion is a highlight and a reminder of a great day out at the Easter Show. I remember pondering over which one I would choose when I was younger. So many to choose from!

This year there are 349 Showbags to pick from and the bags range in price from $1 up to $30. 
There really is something for everyone. It was great to see the old Bertie Beetle Showbag still there. Such value at $2!

Here are a few that caught our eye -

Thomas the Tank Engine


My dad would love this Phantom one!

 Bertie Beetle

Sydney Swans

Australian Netball - Diamonds

Also a few friends popped in to say hello!
I think they might have influenced Jasper's choice in Showbags later on ;)

The kids were allowed to choose 3 Showbags to take home. 
Jasper chose a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle one for himself, he chose a Warheads one for Finn and a Peppa Pig one for Noah.

The bags were fantastic and had quality toys, lollies, plates, cups etc inside them. I think the prices reflect value for money and I know the kids were happy with them!

The Sydney Royal Easter Show opens from the 26th March - 8th April.

Noah missed out on our last trip to the Easter Show as he was just a baby but we will definitely take him this year. I'm sure he will love it!

Are you Show regulars? Do you go every year?
What is your favourite type of Showbag? 

I love that you can even plot your Showbag attack with this map found here

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