Monday, January 19, 2015

Our Week - holiday edition | part 2

The holidays are still going strong around here.
 The days are still blending into each other and it takes a few moments to work out which day it is.
Here is a look at our week -

Lots of beach time, our Sunny Jim shelter is still a hit

I tried out a watermelon "cake" for afternoon tea, it was a bit of a novelty and the boys loved it!

I think I'm raising 3 fish, they are never out of the water

I received a gorgeous package in the mail from Milly and Eugene

It contained a colourful hand painted "sugar skull" that has found a spot on my bookcase

A friend brought me over the most beautiful hydrangeas from her garden. Aren't they pretty?!

Leisurely breakfasts are being enjoyed, I know this will all change in a week or so

More beach time

Relaxing with a magazine is a must most days

We  headed off for one last holiday away before school starts. With Noah just recently toilet trained, stopping to wee by the side of a road is a huge novelty for him!

Here in our favourite place for a week. Bliss! 
I'm putting together  a post on my favourite places in Byron Bay, coming soon x

How has your week been?


  1. hi Simone, you mentioned that Noah has recently become toilet trained (lucky you!) and im wondering if you have any tips please?? Im desperate for some advice as we are in the process of this with our 2.5 year old son! many thanks! monique

    1. Hi Monique, I have to say that Noah has been the easiest and quickest to toilet train but I don't think it is anything in particular we have done. He just wants to be like his older brothers and use the toilet. There is no privacy around here! He was watching them go and when I asked him if he wanted to go to the toilet he said yes, did it and that was that. I waited until these holidays as he wasn't particularly interested before and I chose a week where we didn't have much on and were around the house. I just put undies on him ( no pull-ups etc), used the toilet as he wasn't interested in the potty and just constantly asked him whether he needed to go. His reward was a high five from everyone and us saying what a big boy he was and we were so proud of him. Number 2's are the same although we are going through toilet paper at a rapid rate as he hasn't worked out that he doesn't need a 1/4 roll each time! ;) He is still wearing a nappy at night when he sleeps at the moment. Sorry I can't give any specific tips as we are in shock at how easy it's been. I used Tizzie Halls methods with my older two, look for readiness, use undies, stay around the house for a few days whilst they get the idea, rewards like stickers, high fives or m&m's if they use the loo. Good luck x

    2. Simone, thanks so much, i'll be trying this weekend!

  2. Re your Byron Bay post can you please mention where you stayed? We may be headed that way in March with my two and four year old boys. Thanks!

    1. I will Lucy and also some other options I know x


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