Tuesday, December 9, 2014


A portrait of my sons, once a week, every week in 2014

Noah - this photos sums him up at the moment. A cheesy, squinty smile for the camera and obsessed with his trains.  Each morning I go into his room I find Woody in a different spot with his hat missing. Who knows what they get up to!

Jasper - he wanted a haircut exactly like his big brother's. Including the "line" he asked for himself.

Finn - we took him out to dinner to celebrate the last day of Year 6. 
He's had a great year and worked so hard. We're very proud of him.

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  1. Such handsome boys! I hope they grow healthy and happy :) Advance merry Christmas!

    With lots of love from the North Pole,
    Elfie, Leader of the Elves at Christmas World


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