Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Must Haves at Adairs

I hadn't walked into an Adairs store for a while but when I passed one on Friday I couldn't resist popping in. 
Linen is my weakness!

You know those shops where you just want to buy everything?
That's how I felt in Adairs!

I've put together some of my favourites.

1. Adored this watercolour quilt cover

2. Cute and colourful kids sheets that come in queen size

3. I love these cute matching pillowcases

4.This cushion came home with me!

5. This cushion would be cute in a little one's room

6. These hand towels would add a pop of colour to the bathroom

7. Even though I love colour this grey is calling me!

You can see more of my linen collection here

Have you popped into Adairs lately?
Which one's your favourite? Where else do you like to shop for linen?


  1. I love Adairs. If theres one in a shopping centre Ill pop in there. My latest purchase was a set of pillow cases with sweet sayings on them :)


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