Friday, August 8, 2014

Blogger Bake Off - with Salt & Pepper.

I was approached by Salt & Pepper to take part in a bake off with a few other bloggers. 
I wanted to pop up a couple of the simple recipes I used.

The first one was for a Crunchy Chocolate Granola.
This recipe is for those mornings when you need something a little sweet to start your day.

 Details of the recipe here
You can vote for this recipe on the Salt & Pepper Facebook page here
The second recipe was the decadent Peanut Butter Choc Ripple Cake I made for Simon's birthday.

This cake doesn't so much have a recipe but more of a "how to put it together" you can find it here
Obviously you can change the ice cream filling to your favourite 
You can vote for this recipe here
As you can read by my blurb, sweet always takes precedent over savoury here ;)
So  here are my fellow Bake Off Bloggers. Make sure you pop on over to the Salt & Pepper Facebook page and check out their delicious recipes too.

So what is your preference?
Sweet or Savoury?


  1. I love your food photos they make me want to lick the computer screen!!!

  2. A little chocolate in the morning would surely get any day off to a good start!! x

  3. They have a great bar and bartender! They kept the guests happy and kept the drinks flowing. If I could attend this place again, I would!
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