Thursday, July 3, 2014

Winter Uniform - what I'm wearing.

I thought I'd share what I'm wearing lately. 
My winter uniform so to speak.

These clothes get me through my standard days of working from home, grocery shopping, school pick ups and drop offs, outings to the park but most importantly, chasing a tearaway 2 year old!

The outfits are casual and easy. They are based around jeans, a cute jumper (I feel they are more comfortable & less snaggable than knits), flat shoes and a scarf to give the outfit a bit of colour.

Obviously a singlet and long sleeve underneath the jumper ensures a bit of extra warmth. I don't do jackets as they make me feel too rugged up. I prefer to wear several thinner layers.

Here are my pick of a few inexpensive pieces from chain stores that you can buy online. My shopping method of choice at the moment. So much easier than hitting the shops with kids ;)

Scarves - 1. Sportsgirl, 2. Country Road, 3Dottie

Jumpers - 4 + 5. Cotton On, 6. Country Road

Sneakers - 7. Seed8. Surfstitch9. General Pants

Jeans - 10. Jeanswest, 11. Sportsgirl, 12. Cotton On

In previous winters I have dressed up a bit more with jeans, boots, fur vests, blazers, more tailored pieces but for where my life is at the moment, cute, casual + comfy works.

How are you dressing this winter?
What is your favourite piece that you are wearing constantly?


  1. Laughing at your term 'uniform'. I am doing that too this winter, pulling on the same basics in high rotation. My uniform consists of oversized knits and Susan's knit jeggings with ballet flats or runners. Simple, warm and comfy!

  2. I am loving your Winter Uniform and the casual style that you are rocking. I love all of those items, they seem so easy to mix and match.
    I must admit I am going for a more casual look this Winter and loving it. Gorgeous outfit ideas!

  3. Love those Jeanwest jeans!

  4. Love everything Simone. I have a similar 'uniform' as well. V x

  5. Having the best knit is a much needed vital! I have a few but the ones you picked are amazing!

  6. I love everything you've shared here... now just to magically transport all those pieces into my wardrobe :) I stick to a similar casual uniform thesedays. I'm after a flat pair of Converse type sneakers and love those white ones above... time to have an online browse I think!!... xx

  7. The most powerful aspect about uniforms in my opinion is the fact that it portrays the fact that there are typically more than one person wearing the uniform, not just one.
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