Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tutorial Tuesday - How to make a number piñata

I saw this tutorial for a Number Pinata on Oh Happy Day. I love this idea for Noah's 2nd birthday. 
Although I probably won't use it as a piñata I like the idea of it as a decoration for the party table and as a photo prop.

Here is how to do it-
Materials needed: Cardboard, Exacto, Pen, Ruler, Tape, Crepe Paper, Glue
1. Making the structure. Stack two pieces of cardboard together. Draw your number and then cut through the two layers of cardboard at the same time. (Be sure to put some layers below them so your floor doesn’t get cut too! Our pinatas were about 20″ tall.
2. Cut strips of cardboard for the edging. Our strips were about 4″ thick.
3. Taking the strips tape together the top and the bottom piece on the seam. Reinforce it on the top and also on the inside.
4. When you get to an edge just make a crease in the cardboard so it bends easily. Making the structures is really easy and took about 20 minutes. These held together well after getting beaten with a stick but if I was making this for adults I would reinforce it with another layer or two of paper and glue. (Just apply glue to strips of paper and wrap the structures to give it extra support.)

5. Decorating takes longer especially if you are doing a design. Take the crepe paper and make some fringey garland. (I explain in detail how to do that here.) First cut a strip of crepe paper about 3″ thick.
6. Cut each side of the strip into little pieces of fringe.
7. Unravel it and fold it in half so it is ready to glue.
8. I made a zigzag design and a scallop design for these two numbers. To maintain the design I drew lines on the number depending on how far apart I wanted the zigzags or scallops and then used that as a guide as I laid down the fringe.
9. Start at the bottom and draw the design in glue. Take the fringe and put down a layer.
10. Repeat adding glue and then another layer of fringe on top until your design is done. This part takes a while so best to put on some Friday Night Lights in the background since its a little mindless (and definitely goes quicker with a helper.) It’s nice because the fringe looks messy so it is really forgiving if you lay something down kind of crooked.
11. Cut a section at the top too add candy and then repair with paper, glue crepe paper. To hang cut two holes at the top and thread string through.

What do you think? Something you would try?

All photos and instructions by Oh Happy Day


  1. I am having a surprise 30th for Ben (at mexicano in Narrabeen - have you been there? its awesome!) i am totally going to make this for the party!

    1. This would be perfect! Yes love Mexicano and especially the margaritas there x

  2. Love this idea…thanks for the great find Simone x

    1. No worries Kylie, I will definitely be doing this x


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