Sunday, February 23, 2014


A portrait of my sons, once a week, every week.

Noah - feeding his baby before throwing it on the ground. The soft side mixed with the rough!

Jasper - doing one of his favourite things in the world. 
Putt Putt golf.

Finn - snapped sitting in the kombi in the driveway. Listening to music and encouraging his little brothers to beep the horn. 
Sorry neighbours ;)

Joining in with Jodi

Are you playing along this year? How are you finding it?

I must admit I have loads of photos of Noah through the week as he is always with me. The boys have a couple taken over the weekend. I'm glad this project is encouraging me to snap photos of them all.


  1. Your boys are all so cute! I love the one of Noah feeding the baby. Too funny he threw it on the ground afterward!

  2. Such a great idea Simone, they grow so quickly its always nice to be able to look back.


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