Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tutorial Tuesday- Heart cut out Gift Wrapping

I thought I might start a Tutorial Tuesday as a place to keep all the crafty ideas I come across on the web, (mainly Pinterest). Those projects I hope to complete one day!

This one I found on The House That Lars Built

Materials for cut out hearts: x-acto knife, cardstock (or business card), pencil or pen, scissors, wrapping paper, cutting board, secondary color paper (I chose glitter scrapbook paper)

Step 1: Make a template of a heart on a business card and cut it out.
Step 2: With a pencil, use your template to trace around it all      over on your wrapping paper. Use a ruler if you want them evenly spaced. (a Sharpie was used in this tutorial so you can see the trace better).
Step 3: With your x-acto knife, cut around one side of the heart from the top to the tip of the bottom.

Step 4: Fold the heart over.

Step 5: Because the glitter paper was so thick I cheated and cut out a strip of paper to line along the backside of the kraft paper gift wrap. If I were to make it super nice I'd probably line the back of the kraft paper. But, then again, I probably wouldn't.

Step 6: Tape it down.

Step 7: Repeat on all the hearts.


Isn't it cute? It's geared towards Valentines Day but I think it makes the sweetest gift wrap. 

Do you think you'll try it?

Do you collect crafty ideas that you know you will probably never do?!

All photos and instructions taken from The House That Lars Built

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