Monday, January 20, 2014

Stills - A weekly collection

Heart shaped sandwiches just taste better.

Some of my favourite accessories this Summer.

Summer nights in Manly.

Date night with Finn. Cocktails & a lemonade.

Finding a patch of shade on a sunny day.

Summer fun, jumping off the pier.

Haircuts can be so tiring and make you look so much older.

You've got to have beetroot on your burger.

Joining in with Em


  1. What a beautiful family you have. Simon your stills just scream the colourings of summer. Manly pier you bring back memories of sunscreen, cold beer, great seafood and friendships. Over from stills, have a great week. X

  2. love the heart cutter! those drinks look oh so refreshing, and such happy boy faces. beetroot on my hamburger? yes, please! popping in from em's stills :)

  3. I completely agree, always beetroot on your burger! And tomato sauce, never BBQ :-)

  4. Greatphotos, the cocktails look fabulous

  5. I wish someone would cut my sandwiches into hearts! Love those sandals and clutch- divine. Happy week to you. X

  6. Lovely summer photos!
    Those drinks look delicious 😀


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