Sunday, April 7, 2013

Still loving Instagram

So I'm still in love with Instagram. I really thought I would have tired of it by now but I just love the quick pops of visual beauty and a sneak peek into people's lives and homes.

I had an extra nice week on Instagram this week when one of my pics was selected in the Fab 4, Fat Mum Slim's Photo a Day challenge.

The prompt was blue. I wrote blue in blueberries :)

The other wonderful thing was having the gorgeous Cherie saying so many nice things about my Instagram feed and having so many lovely comments. It really made my week! I just love the community feel of Instagram and how nice everyone is.

And this morning whilst I was flicking through the Sunday Style section of the papers I came across another one of my Instagram pics. Just a little bit exciting!

So if you are not on Instagram, make sure you pop over and take a look at this fabulous place!

Sometimes it's the little things that can add a real lift to your day.

Happy Sunday x


  1. as I'm sure you have noticed I'm the same! love instagram - i cant believe it only discovered it about 6 months ago...i feel like I'm cheating on my blog & Facebook with instagram haha

  2. Oh I completely agree with Cherie - I LOVE your Instagram feed Simone - so gorgeous, happy, loving, bright, inspiring, AWESOME! I love Instagram myself, and I love looking through everyone's feeds at the end of a long day, in bed, before I drift off to sleep!
    And a huge congrats on the pic in Sunday Stlyle - I saw that and was rather excited for you!
    Jess xo

  3. Oh Yah, you do have style girl! Love your pics, always lots of colour!x

  4. I love it when your photos pop up in my instagram feed. They're always so beautiful, creative and inspiring!

  5. You're so beautiful :)

    I really meant it, if I find me some 'me time', I'm always on your IG feed just being completely & utterly inspired! I said to Tess, it's like a favourite magazine, I literally hang for the next issue.

    Please don't ever tire of instagram :)

    Cherie (raising master Max)


  6. I was so excited to see 'Honey and Fizz' jump of the page yesterday! Well done!!

  7. Wow, how exciting to see your little snapshot in the paper!!! I would have died with excitement :) I'm still not on Instagram yet but am desperate to join... just need to sort out a new phone/phone contract first and I'm there!! Seeing your shots, I can't wait!!

  8. Wow, that's amazing......
    One day when I get a mobile phone I'll join you on Instagram.
    I think I'm the only person who doesn't have a mobile phone?
    Tania xx


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