Friday, April 26, 2013


It's been a bit quiet here this week as we have all succumbed to sickness.
2 cases of croup and 3 cases of coughs, headaches & sneezes.

We're on the mend now but I'm dreaming of soft cosy beds and full night sleeps.
Here are some beautiful beds that would work really well :)

How's your week been? Hope everyone is well.

images via my Pinterest page


  1. oh I hope you are all on the mend and can enjoy a slow and rejuvenating weekend before your crew head back to school x

  2. I love the bedding in that first image! Hope you are all feeling much better soon xx

  3. Oh you poor things :( Nothing worse than when you're all struck down... and yes, the sleep is the first thing to go at these times too. That feeling of needing more sleep is a yucky one. Hope you all improve in time for school to start again this week xo

  4. Oh no....that croupy cough sounds so horrible during the night :(
    Wishing you all a healthier week.
    Claire xx


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