Friday, March 1, 2013

It's been a black + white week.

So it's the first day of Autumn today and it seems fitting that my tastes have strayed a little from colour and moved towards black and white.

It all started with these rugs I bought from Ikea. I wanted to change the natural sisal one over to something a little cosier and softer for Noah. (that's my excuse!)

I am loving the black + white stripes with the black floorboards and the white walls. It makes the little spots of colour pop even more!

I also couldn't resist buying this b+w chevron mug from Woolies,to use as a vase. It looks perfect next to the lightbox.

And I found myself dressed in b+w today. I'm co-ordinating with the cushions! Black jeans and a dotty top from Trenery :) Cushions from Freedom.

Now I'm just about to have a little bit of brownie and vanilla ice-cream. May as well keep the theme going! ;) Do you every find yourself surrounded by certain colours? (or lack of them like me!)

all pics my own


  1. Our whole house is black and white (except the kids rooms) It's my fave colour combination. Loving your splash of yellow!

  2. I love the black and white. Simple and Classic!! I want one of those lightboxes!

  3. I'm loving all the black and white in your gorgeous home Simone! I was on the Freedom website this morning actually looking at cushions. I love your polka dot one. And I bought some Trenery jeans last week too... SOOO comfy - I got dark denim and navy blue but am thinking of swapping the navy blue for the black ones... That Woolies mug looks fab, especially with those beautiful flowers in it - do you know what they are? x

  4. Love the rug! I think I need to pop into IKEA myself now. Looks so lovely xx

  5. Love everything. Black and White so simple and chic.

  6. Ok I have major rug envy AND light box envy! I have been eyeing those off and hoping my hubby might cough up for my birthday :) x

  7. Love black and white too Simone and have been looking at the IKEA website for the rug but it's not listed. Is it new here? Stockholm Rand right? Which IKEA did you find it at? Steph x

  8. looks fab.....ive been looking at that rug for hubbs office, good taste lovely simone smooch xx

  9. Your house is beautiful! I love your blog.



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