Thursday, January 31, 2013

A new school year.

This week has been a big one with both of my older boys starting new schools.

Jasper started "Big School" this year. He had his first day today and took it in his stride.
He was comfortable straight away and waved us off and let us know he was ready for us to go.
It was a huge relief to see him so happy and at ease. So day 1 down, a million more to go!

Just as Jasper was starting at school, Finn was leaving it and starting Year 5 at another school (an all boys one) that he will go to until Year 12. 

It was kind of like starting high school for him as it is quite a large school and lots of older boys. He only knew one or two kids so he is making new friends and finding out where everything is. He seems quite excited by it all and so far so good :)

I'm a bit emotionally drained with the planning and hoping that they would have wonderful first days.
They did, and now I can breathe out!

Anyone else have their babies start school this year?
Luckily I have Noah to keep me company at home, the house is so quiet after the noise of the school holidays :)


  1. Oh Simone, sniff sniff, my Angus starts next Mon and I'm not coping. He is super excited though, which is totally all that matters and I can only hope his enthusiasm keeps up once he starts. He had his Best Start Assessment at the school this morning for 2.5 hours. Felix missed him so much, he cried for him 4 times in just those couple of hours. I think we're both going to be a blubbering mess next week.
    So glad to hear your boys had good first days, well done Mama. And enjoy the one-on-one time with your littlest man xo

  2. It must be quiet over your way with only Noah and you home :( That's a big change for Finn starting at a new school, I'm sure he'll make friends very easily and fit in well with the new environment. So glad Jasper had a great first day too xx

  3. Baby started high school and although we are glad to be mo king on to a new stage, it is a bit daunting for us all. Great opportunity to reinforce independence and responsibility. First day yesterday went wm though so hooray!


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