Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Inspiration.

Christmas time is one of my favourite times of the year.
I love gathering inspiration for special touches to make it memorable and a little bit different from the year before.

This year some of the photos I've seen and loved are
These cake pops would be cute for a Christmas party. 

I love this idea of mismatched Christmas wrapping.

I really want to try this pic with either Simon or I with the lights or maybe the boys.

How cute is this? Would love to pose Noah like this!
We've started our Christmas Season at home already. The tree went up on the weekend and I have added a few Christmassy touches around the house.

I have added Christmas bells to all the door handles. Tied with neon wool.

Garlands are up around the front door with baubles. The star is an old one we have had for the last few years but this year I added a bit of the pink neon wool. I like the added pop of colour.

The tree is up and Jasper snuck out of bed the first night to take one more look at the lights. 
"Our tree is so beautiful mum" he said. I couldn't resist this snap. Look at how he is standing. Melt!

Have your thoughts turned to Christmas yet? Are your decorations up?

the last 3 pics my own


  1. I love Christmas too, but I'm feeling really overwhelmed and disorganised so far. Tree will go up Saturday and then hopefully I'll get more into the swing of it. I really like the ideas you have shown here. I agree, the portrait is lovely, as it your front door x

  2. Great ideas especially the christmas pic with the lights. I love the last photo.
    Vicki xx

  3. We are doing our house tonight. I love all those pics especially Jasper coming for another look. Totally adorable. X

  4. Christmas is looking lovely over your way. Your tree is beautiful Simone and I love your bells on the door handles idea. Our tree is up, the Advent calendar I made is hanging and a few decorations Grace has been crafting have made their way around our home too :)

  5. Oh beautiful! I only dream of having presents wrapped like that, in my head they are and they turn out nothing like it...hmmm boxes I need everything in boxes that would make it much simplier!x

  6. lovely ideas! I can't tear myself away from pinterest at the moment! xo

  7. Awww that is too darn cute. I have two overly fascinated boys here also, they are just mesmerised by our tree. Loving your little festive details around the house, the star and those bells on the handles, gorgeous! That light idea for the photo would be lovely... if you could get your boys to stay still long enough not to get tangled up! Haha! xo

  8. ooooh yum! Sorry I couldn't get past the delicious looking cookie that that baby was holding haha. I think my cake pops would NOT look like that haha :)
    Ellen xx

  9. Decorations look beautiful Simone! Have yourselves a Merry Little Christmas! X


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