Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Holiday Packing.

I'm counting down the days until our next family holiday (61 days!) I am definitely ready to do a whole lot of nothing in the sunshine!

I am already thinking of all the things I will have to bring to cater for a family of 5 including a baby and I know that I won't be packing lightly :)

I came across this blog the other day which gives you a peek into  suitcases around the world so you can see what people pack.

Hmmm, looks like a bunch of very tidy, organised people!

Are you a light packer or do you pack everything, just in case?

Simone xx

image via I am packed.com


  1. I'm a reasonable packer but lean towards "just in case". The key is definitely making sure the things you pack can be worn together. I made that mistake once, went somewhere that turned out pretty warm, but didn't have shoes to wear with my dress. I felt like an idiot!

  2. I tend to pack like Audrey Hepburn's famous quote....so basically...I pack everything I think I will need and then start to take a few things out.......when my bag won't close.....;-)

  3. I'd love for someone to pack my suitcases smartly! I always tend to overpack, thinking I need mine and my daughters entire wardbrobe for a week!

    I've just booked a holiday as well... For January! How many sleeps until then?!

  4. Gosh, that website is fascinating! Years of flying and I have mostly mastered packing. Packing cells from Kathmandu would be big tip. They keep everything organised. Good luck. xx

  5. Oh dear, I usually pack way too much, or too much of the wrong things Simone. It is so much more involved when packing for littlies too. But how exciting that your holidays are only 2 months away...yes, hours relaxing in the sun sound totally wonderful to me too xo

  6. I just did a post about holiday packing today! Pack light all the way - you will not wear everything so why lug them around the countryside! Take half of what you think youll need to save room for those gifts and goodies you want to bring home :) A scarf always looks good mixed with different outfits and is great for the plane x

  7. Yay....61 days :)))
    I'm usually a load-it-all-in packer. I usually pack EVERYTHING....just in case I need it :)
    But now...with 4 of us to pack for....and lug the suitcases around....I pack as light as possible. And try to holiday where there is a laundry so we can wash & re-wear :)
    Packing for Hamilton Island was fairly easy as we just packed all lightweight summer gear. {and the hotel provided the portacot for Ryder etc}. But we head off to Japan in 8 weeks and it'll be winter!!! I'll be packing A LOT...but will have to be smart about it!!

  8. I usually pack FAR too much for beach holidays, including jeans, jackets and jumpers 'just in case' and end up leaving them in the car for the whole trip. Such a waste of shopping space! -C x


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