Saturday, August 4, 2012

What caught my eye this week.

Here are a few things that caught my eye this week :)

With the renovations under way some new homewares have caught my eye. I bought a couple of the small ginger jars shown below from Alfresco Emporium.

Also loving these Mr & Mrs pillowcases seen on 
Down that Little Lane's Instagram.

I also couldn't resist this cute little Star Wars print for Jasper's room.It also comes from Down that Little Lane.

I love seeing people's travel pics to exotic places on Instagram. Someone mentioned the divine JK Place Capri, Italy
It is now on my wish list of places to visit.

I saw this quirky pink skull from You and Me Boutique
It's not my usual style but I thought it would add a little colour and sit on top of a stack of books. 
Although I'm worried it might freak the boys out!

I'm on board again with Fat Mum Slim's August photo a day. I got distracted 3/4's of the way through last months but I will try again. The trick might be to do it every second month.

Simon and I were at Koskela the other day and saw a fabulous light box that I MUST have for our new kitchen. 
I can just see the perfect spot for it. Simon, hint hint!

I also saw this dreamcatcher, again from You and Me Boutique. It's so pretty!

And I thought these little dinosaur plant holders from The Small Garden were so cute! Unfortunately they were sold out when I looked online :(

I'm also really curious to make Spaghetti Bolognese but using this Vegetable Spaghetti.
Has anyone tried this? What does it taste like?

So what do you think? What has caught your eye this week?

Simone xx

all images are from the products company website or tagged by original link except the Star Wars print. The pic is mine.


  1. Gorgeous roundup and I am loving your colour additions. I love the skull, one of those things thats out of your comfort zone but you will be glad you bought......and kids love the idea of body science so thats a great spin to add instead of scary dead body skull...;-)xx

  2. Love the Ginger jars- and MUST get the star wars print for my boys room- too cute!

    1. I think my husband loved the print more than Jasper! xx

  3. Love the pillowcases, Star Wars print and those dinosaur plant holders, all so cute. Actually everything here is just lovely... except for maybe the skull, never mind the kids being scared, it would freak ME out. But I am a scaredy cat, haha! xo

    1. Yes, the skull would have to be just a cheapy as I'm sure I would get sick of it and throw it out after a few weeks! xx

  4. Simone, Typo is selling the same style skulls. I was browsing online and came across them, on the website. I think they come in pink, black and white. I love the pink one.

  5. I always knew you were a DTLL girl but now even more so as we also sell the light box on DTLL and have the skull in the loading process for sometime next week!!..

    Off to share on FB page that you featured us :)... How divine is the Star Wars Print? I have ordered one for my kids room and it also featured in our ad campaign for this season

  6. Oh I am Tessa, love all of your stuff! Will have to stalk your site until I see they arrive xx


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