Saturday, August 11, 2012

My week - in photos!

A dinner for Finn's 10th birthday with all of my beautiful boys.

We moved back into the house. I'm loving the new look!
Still have to add all the bits & bobs to finish it off. Will share more photos once done.

Finn crawled out of his sick bed to play the PSSA (school comp) Grand Final. His team won!!He scored a try and converted it.
Proud mama :)

I SWEAR this little cherub said mum at least 5 times!! I had witnesses each time too!
 I have been prepping him though :) 

Finn had his party this afternoon. 
We went bowling with 10 of his friends.
 It was perfect and so easy for me!
I whipped up this cake, not my best effort I must say. I feel I am getting a bit lazy on the birthday cake front. Must do better! ;)

How's your week been?
What have you been up to?

Simone xx

all images my own.


  1. What a fantastic week for you - and that cake is perfectly acceptable in my eyes. xx

  2. Thanks Shar, it has been a busy one :) Yes the cake didn't last long so happy I didn't slave over it!! xx

  3. I just love these photos Simone. The one of you and your boys is so incredibly lovely, how proud you must feel looking at that photo.
    The house is looking amazing, the floors are so pretty... and love your mirror and photo wall idea... Oh and the dinning table and chairs are very funky too.
    Well done Finn, what a champ getting so involved in the game after being crook, such a good photo of him.
    And the cake looks fab, so yummy... and I think you're wonderful to even whip up a cake with all the stuff you've had going on AND having three boys to take care of. I know plenty of Mama's who outsource the cake making thing entirely. Hope you had a lovely weekend xoxo

  4. Your house is looking gorgeous! Bet you're glad to be back in.
    Happy Birthday to your grown up boy!

  5. Gorgeous photo of you and the boys!! Love your new floorboards - we converted from tiles to our floorboards about 6 years ago now... best decision we ever made for this house! :)

  6. Hi Simone, greetings from California!

    I absolutely love your home and blog so much, I just spent the last hour scrolling through! :)

    Quick Q, in the photo of your dining room (which is to.die.for.) was that photo wall a DIY or did you buy the frames that way? Just an awesome idea to display beautiful memories!

    Thanks in advance!


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