Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Living in jeans.

I'm living in jeans at the moment. 
They are my "go to" item in my closet. Easy to get around in with the kids and they go well with my collection of jumpers and scarves. My little uniform as such. 

Do you ever feel like you just get up and put on the same type of outfit again and again? I do until the time that I find a new favourite. 

I'm not back into my old jeans yet so I have been keeping my eye out for a good pair of jeans that I can wear. Something flattering and on trend so I don't feel too mumsy ;)

When I received an email from Jeanswest's pr team telling me about the new Coloured Curve Embracer jeans, I was quite interested as they sounded exactly what I was looking for. I asked for a pair to try and as soon as I popped them on I knew they were perfect for me. You know how with jeans you just know as soon as you put your first leg in? Or is that just me?!

The jeans were a great colour, I chose the Princess Royal Blue as they gave a nod to the coloured denim trend without being too out there. I also thought they would go with everything in my wardrobe. Although I also have my eye on the berry pair as well. I loved the higher waist which held my tummy in. They have a straight leg with lots of stretch so nothing was too clingy.If anything I could have went with a smaller size as they stretched a bit by the end of the day. I think they are quite reasonable in price too, so they are the perfect way to jump onto the coloured denim trend.They are available to buy online or in store.

What are you living in these days? How many pairs of jeans do you think you have in your wardrobe?

Simone xx

**Disclosure - Jeanswest did send me these jeans free of charge but I was under no obligation to write about them. I am only sharing this review with you as I really did love the jeans.**

Sorry there is not a better photo of the whole outfit, I only had Noah with me that day and he hasn't mastered the camera yet ;)
Also excuse my filthy pathway, I am going out to gurney it asap!


  1. Im a jeans fan, Im loving the coloured ones this seasom. I think I will be grabbing a nice green pair for myself in the near future. I like the sound of the higher waist in these jeans west jeans. Im 41 & have 4 kids, low rise just isn't my thing these days, LOL!
    i have a little fashion give away over on my blog if your keen.
    Have a great week!

  2. I'm currently living in my Jeanswest maternity skinny leg jeans.
    They may need to be surgically removed for delivery!!!

    I would love to get into the coloured jeans trend - once I can get out of this pair!!

    By the way, NEVER would have noticed the path. I was looking at the jeans! Isn't it funny what we pick up that no one else would notice.
    :-) xx

  3. They sound really comfy Simone. I've been finding myself living in a handful of 'go to' outfits lately too, ones that are comfy, easy to breastfeed in and don't need lots of care like ironing or anything. I could do with a new pair of jeans although the coloured ones aren't really me - but I like the colour of the ones you've chosen so will check them out next time am at the shops x

  4. This winter I have embraced the jeans...previously I shyed away, they never did much for my body type..always looked frumpy but I do love the skinny leg and coloured..why has it taken this long for them to take on?? They are great and so cheap, gotta have stretch though.

    These look great, the navy blue is classy.x

  5. Oh that is one thing i'm totally bummed about being fat at the moment (i say 'moment' as i consider myself a short term fat person & soon to be slim again) is i can't fit into my jeans & i'm not buying size 14 thanks!!
    Lovely post & don't worry about the path, we just bought a gurney, my husband literally uses it every week (we live in Army housing, he's on leave, keeping himself busy, i can imagine our future home will be spotless outside!!) Love Posie

  6. Oh yes, definately embracing jeans at the moment. I love the coloured ones too.

  7. I live in jeans and thankfully can wear them to work. Love my black Calvin Kleins to bits! I have two coured pairs, one JBrand but they're too big on me and some from Cotton On which I have to say are poorly made. I have more than average pairs of jeans but think I'm just about ready for a new pair :)

  8. I have quite a few pairs of jeans in my wardrobe, I haven't bought any coloured ones this winter yet, but am loving these ones you are wearing. I might have to check them out.

  9. These look fantastic Simone! I love all the new designs they're doing with jeans these days... so many to choose from. I always love hearing a review from real people about them too, as it's sometimes confusing and just plain hard to know what's out there. I hadn't heard about these ones before. The colours are quite lovely, not too bold, but also on trend with the current looks. Love your little flats too!
    Oh and I am a MASSIVE jeans girl, have quite a few pairs to say the least... one of my fave pairs I have actually just worn through... in the backside of all places!! Might be time to add another pair into the rotation ;)

  10. Theses look great Simone, might have to get myself a pair!! x

  11. I love skinny jeans on a curvy girl. In fact, I don't call them skinnies. They're curvies in my book, because that's what they look like on me ;)

    I think I need to visit JeansWest again...



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