Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Simon xx

Today is Simon's birthday :)
 He is the hardest man in the world to buy for so the one suggestion he has made is that I make a cake for him today consisting of chocolate sponge, chocolate mousse and raspberries. I'll see what I come up with. 

As Monday's are our usual day off together we will go out to lunch somewhere with Noah while the boys are at school. This will be slotted in amongst the school run, a tradie coming by to give a quote on the kitchen, swimming lessons for Jasper and all the other running around we try to squeeze in.

Gee birthdays are fun these days :)

So, Happy Birthday Sime! 
Hope you have a fantastic day.
We all love you very much xx

Simone xx

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  1. Happy Birthday to Simon! That cake request sounds so yummy. Have fun creating it!

  2. Happy Birthday Simon! That cake is amazing! I want to make that! ( yes I know I am over using exclamation marks!!!)

    1. Thanks Julia, I love using exclamation points too!!! xx

  3. Happy birthday, Simon - I hope he has a lovely day.
    Happy cake making.
    :-) x

  4. Oh how lovely... and what a delicious (and rather specific) sounding request for the cake. Hope you all had a lovely day and Happy Birthday to Simon!

  5. What a lovely post, as is Simon and Simone - that's seriously couple sweet x


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