Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Fashion.

I'm loving both of these styles. They are as opposite as you could get, but I could definitely find room in my wardrobe for them! It must be my Gemini personality coming out ;)



Which one do you prefer?

I also love the image below but I never would have thought to wear a dress in the colder weather. Do you?

Simone xx

all images via my Pinterest board


  1. Those outfits are great. I wear dresses in the colder weather with stockings or leggings (leggings ara particularly useful for maxi dresses!), with a cardigan or blazer (whatever matches).

    Happy Friday!

  2. I really like the brights, but would tone it down with a grey or black jumper instead.,

  3. I like the first one, tight cargo pants very sexy. I wear some of my dresses in winter with long sleeves underneath to keep warm!

  4. hey simone, probably number one for me.. but i like the little cable knit number!!! hope u are well!!
    laura xx

  5. That last image is very J-Lo circa 2005. x

  6. ohhhh i love them all but my fav must be he middle one:) loving itxx

  7. You know what, I love all three of those looks. I can be very fickle with my tastes like that. Neutral one day, bright the next. I must say I am coveting a pair of those bright floral jeans/tights. Just haven't plucked up the courage to buy a pair yet. Boy I love clothes ;) xo

  8. Oooh I like number one and three. Not sure I'd be brave enough for number two! x


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