Monday, March 12, 2012

Packing my bag.

So I have finally gotten around to packing my bag for the hospital. I don't know why but I kept putting it off. 
Denial perhaps?!

I thought I would share a few of the things I popped in there :)

My new slippers from Peter Alexander. I just needed something with a bit of sparkle!

Maternity nightie and matching robe from Peter Alexander.

Save our Sleep by Tizzie Hall. Thought I better refresh myself on this baby biz. I lived by this book with Jasper and it worked a treat! He was sleeping through by 8 weeks. 
Fingers crossed it works again :)

Also can't forget a cute little outfit to bring the baby home in.
I can't seem to get away from stripes at the moment. I am drawn to them. Including for myself, which is probably not the wisest choice for a heavily pregnant woman!

Of course I have also packed the obligatory black undies, bonds maternity singlets, leggings etc. I have also packed the makeup and hair straightner ;)

So I am 37 1/2 weeks now but the way this baby is growing I might be getting induced earlier. I have a dr's appointment tomorrow so I will see how we go.
 I know I've pushed out 2 x 9lb babies before but this one feels and looks even bigger!

I know I keep meaning to post pictures of the nursery but someone who shall remain nameless (Simon!) keeps delaying putting up the finishing touches eg a huge wall sticker. As he is worried about the paint not being dry enough or something! I have also just bought this print from etsy but in red :)

Here is a peek of the room.

Also a big thanks to all your best wishes regarding my mums house and the flood. Turns out she was one of the luckier ones and had no water damage. My other family members still haven't been allowed back to their houses yet.

So that is where I am up to at the moment, I will keep you posted :)

Simone xx

images from my iphone


  1. Oh you are rocking the stripes Simone. I had a navy with white striped (horizontal, why not) dress i lived in while pregnant with my first, that was 1998 & it lives on with maternity choices, thrilled!! Another beautiful baby in your world, yay. I found i was always told (even with twins) i was having big babies but 8lbs 3oz was my biggest, i didn't care, it was all about head circumference!!
    Oh good luck, you'll be so great, those 3rd borns just know what to do, where to fit in, with school runs & lots of noise, should be a sleeper!! It was my key to a relaxing time, mine slept, it was bliss. Love to you all, yes, sparkles, with ALL those boys, love Posie

  2. Look at that bump you look beautiful even in stripes! Very happy your Mums home was ok, luck will shine down on you with the baby delivery too :)

  3. Loving the sneak peek of the nursery! It looks fantastic!!! Also, how glamorous are you going to look in hospital! Love your slippers and matching robe/nightie arrangement, just gorgeous! x

  4. oh exciting times! I love save our sleep and took a lot from this book with both girls. take it easy.x

  5. You will be rocking that maternity ward, lovely lady.
    :-) xx

  6. I love love love those slippers! Might have to get myself a pair for my hospital trip. PA is the best isn't it.
    I also have a thing for stripes, and have the same little suit for our little one. :) Stripes and Navy are my addictions when it comes to newborn clothes.
    Hope you're feeling as comfortable as can be. You look fantastic!! xx

  7. Those slippers are adorable!!! You are looking great Simone! :) I'm a stripes girl too :) And love the sneak peeks of the nursery you've shared. Exciting exciting!!

  8. I can't wait to meet your little bundle of joy!! You can pack my bag when the time comes. He he

  9. So exciting! You are going to be the best dressed mumma on the ward, no doubt about it. Good luck if we don't hear from you again before the big event. You look beautiful and are so ready to be a beautiful mumma to your third little sweetie. x

    PS - SOS indeed!

  10. Love the cute slippers. I loved save our sleep worked a treat with my first, fingers crossed it wasn't just his temperament.

  11. I love stripes too, love what you have placed inside your labour bag, I really need to get a move on & packing it.

    That nursery looks so beautiful, can't wait to see it all.

  12. That looks like one glamorous hospital bag! And I'm a sucker for all things stripey too!

  13. WOW Simone, so many beautiful things in your bag, how exciting! It is so close now and you're looking terrific, pregnancy agrees with you and not many women can say that! Peter Alexander has the most divine things.
    Hope you're keeping as comfy as can be expected xo

  14. How exciting, Simone! Beautiful shot of you, radiant mumma and love your slippers. Won't be long now :)

  15. You are very organised, Simone. Can't believe the time has almost come for you to meet your newest family member.

    Best wishes, can't wait to hear of his safe arrival.

    Katena xxx

  16. Woweee! You are looking aaaammmazing! Good luck Simone. The room looks wonderful. Tizzie halls books was my saviour. Read it like a bible, especially with my twinnies.

    Can't wait to hear about your little babes arrival.



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