Friday, March 30, 2012

1 week on :)

This time last week we welcomed our gorgeous Noah to the world.

We have had a lovely time this week doing nothing much at all :)
Simon has been home and has been fantastic in doing all the housework and getting the boys ready for school so I have had time to rest and feed Noah and not had to worry about doing much else.
It feels like Noah has been with us forever. 

Hello baby! Welcome home :)

1 week old :)

Couldn't resist a mini photo shoot. Fresh out of the bath and a white Bonds wondersuit.Does it get any better?!

Sock monkey gifted to Noah from the gorgeous Claire at Scissors Paper Rock

2 very tired but oh so happy parents!

Thank you so much for all your gorgeous best wishes and congratulations. It meant so much to me to be able to share my news with you all. Loving all the love!

Simone xx

images my own


  1. Oh Simone. You look so blissful. As does your gorgeous little man. I'm so delighted for you all. J x


    You guys look so blissed out!

    Welcome to the world Noah, we can already tell how loved you really are.

    Enjoy every minute x

  3. Congratulations Simone!
    I completely understood your comment re: it feels like he has been here forever. Babies are like that. Babies make me want another one. Ha!
    Enjoy all the moments you get alone with gorgeous Noah and all his tiny bambino perfection. Love the trio family shot too. I always here younger siblings complain they NEVER get a photo alone or just with their parents. I'm the eldest, so try to keep that in mind. Mind you digital photos means that "precious" photos are not such an issue. Hope you're well. xxx

  4. Welcome Noah, you look like a very wise soul indeed! Congrats Simone and Dad and big Bros, how exciting for you all....beautiful pics....ah bonds suits :0

  5. How gorgeous - and no, it doesn't get any better than a baby in a Bonds wondersuit! x

  6. Pure Bliss isn't it! Congratulations again! Have a lovely weekend xx

  7. Simone, he is ADORABLE!!! i just those fabulous little chubby cheeks!
    Congratulations to you & your family.
    Enjoy xxx

  8. Congratulations!!! You all look so happy <3


  9. I just love this post Simone. All that warmth and affection just shines through, so beautiful to see. Noah is so incredibly adorable, I really feel like giving him a big hug looking at those photos. I bet you're enjoying many a hug at the moment. Keep immersing yourselves in the joy xo

  10. Ohhh he is just devine! And there is NOTHING better than a newborn in a white bonds suit!!
    And you love, look fantastic!

  11. Oh Simone! He is so beautiful!! Congratulations m'dear x

  12. Oh Simone he is adorable, enjoy him so much.x

  13. Ooohhh, Simone he is devine. Congratulations to you all. How lovely to have him here and in your arms.

    Enjoy all the new born cuddles. xx

  14. Noah is adorable and you both look so happy and fabulous for parents of a newborn. xx


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