Sunday, February 5, 2012

Which treat do you choose?

When you treat yourself to a little something at the bakery, which piece of sweetness do you choose?

We are off to visit Simon's dad in the hospital today (he had a back operation, ouch!) and we'll be taking him a little treat.

My all time favourite is a Vanilla Slice, Simon will choose a Caramel Slice, Finn's choice is a Meringue and Jasper always, always chooses a pink Cupcake.

How about you? Which one do you choose?

Simone xx

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  1. I can never go past a lamington! But I am partial to a mint slice on occasion.

  2. Even though I'm a chocolaholic, I always choose something lemony.

  3. It has to be caramel slice.
    Hedgehog slice if in dire straits!

  4. The one with the most chocolate that would also be oozing with thick rich real cream!!!!!!
    or a neinish tart if its, pale pink and dark chocolate icing!!!

  5. i'm with Buff - I always go for the apple cake (large, or course)!!

  6. I'm with you Simone, I can't go past a good vanilla slice!

  7. Caramel slice....or lemon tart though at the mo have had a little thing for melting moment bickies :0

  8. Ooo fab question Simone and you have asked one that is very close to my... er tummy ;o) LOVE my bakery sweets.
    Vanilla slice is also one of my all time favourites. Or pineapple tart... or caramel slice... or custard tart.
    Hope everyone enjoyed their chosen sweets :o) xo

  9. ooh, delish!

    I'm a caramel slice girl through and though :)

    But frankly, if it's got chocolate, or sugar in it (let's face it, that's everything) my arm will be twisted in a flash to give it a try!! XX Fi

  10. I'm a savoury girl - can I have a sausage roll instead please!
    Hope he feels better soon x

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