Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I completed the January photo a day challenge!

I had a fab time joining in with Fat Mum Slim and a whole heap of other bloggers in the January photo a day challenge.  All my pics were taken on my iphone and shared on instagram. It is a fun way to share a bit of day to day life and "try" to bring a bit of creativity to your pics.

Chantelle has created a challenge for February and I'm doing this too :)
How about you? Are you taking part?
I'm on Instagram as honeyandfizz , let me know if you're on there and I'll follow you too.

Simone xx


  1. Simone, what great pics, havent heard of the instagram thing, must look into it. Your baby bump is so nice and neat, wish mine were like that when i was pregnant! i just turned into a hippo for nine months!!you look great; not long to go now!
    laura xx

  2. Thanks Laura, although I think it is all about the angles with the bump. Some days are bigger than others! Do check out instagram, lots of fun xx

  3. Hi Simone,
    I am already following you on Instagram! Have loved your pics during the Jan photo challenge and I look forward to seeing what's in store for Feb!
    I missed out on Jan, but I am so excited to be joining in on the Feb challenge that started today! I'm on Instagram as jesselizabeth20 if you care to follow :-)

  4. Love your pics Simone... especially the bubby related ones :o)
    And I SO wish I could take part in all these instagram related challenges, but I don't have an iphone :o( I think I might be the last person on the planet not to have one yet xo

  5. Thanks Julie, I know that a few people that don't have iphones are just taking the pics on their regular cameras and sharing them on facebook/blogs etc xx


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