Monday, January 30, 2012

Back to reality.

So we are back to reality here today. Finn is back at school and the days will now have some routine to them. I'm kinda looking forward to this as I love the fresh start and enthusiasm of a new school year.

Finn was up and dressed and ready to go by 6.30am this morning. So keen! I give him a couple of days until I have to nag to turn the t.v off, brush your teeth etc etc.

I love the look of new school bags and lunch boxes. So clean! I am always so organised and enthusiastic with the lunches in the first couple of weeks then the downhill slide of boring sandwiches and a piece of fruit return.

Do you do this too? Start the year off on a high and slowly slide back to a more manageable and "average" standard?

Simone xx

image via pinterest


  1. All these years later I still remember that excitement of going back to school after the summer books, old friends , new friends, new teachers...and I also remember how quickly it wore off!!!
    I would be very happy with a lunch that looked like that, delicious.

  2. Lovely post, Simone. I so know what you mean, although we're yet to establish a pattern during the year...Lily only just about to start preschool so I have to ask where did you get THAT lunchbox?? It's the exact one I need. Dan saw one at Coles the other day but it was tradie size :)

  3. The pic is from Pinterest Paula but I did get a lunch box with compartments from Kmart :) Otherwise tupperware do some nice ones too xx

  4. Haha average works for me, Little Bit has made her own lunch, last night and for the Teenagers...I dont think they realise they actually have to get up before midday tomz...should be fun here in the am :)

  5. No school for me yet, but I imagine I will be doing the same in the years ahead. xx

  6. Angus is at preschool this year and it is my first time at packing a lunch box. Like yourself, I am kind of excited right now, but I know it's going to wear off :o/ Also, I only have to do it 2 days per week... 5 days will get tedious. Hope you're going well Simone :o) xo


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