Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Where is Summer?

I  thought a Summer's night was supposed to look like this!
Warm, relaxing and taking advantage of the extra sunlight.
What is with all this rain we are having?!
I have packed away all of my winter clothes, (not that they fit me anymore) so I am finding getting dressed a little difficult! I am supposed to be swanning about in my maxi dresses!
Hopefully this means that Summer will stretch out a bit more to make up for it's horrendous start.

How about you? Is it raining where you are?
Are you over it yet?!

Simone xx

P.S - While typing this I heard a bird chirping, does this mean it's clearing?

image via Pinterest


  1. I've had to turn the heating back on here. This weather is ludicrous!

  2. We had air conditioning installed on Monday and its first use has been for heating! Madness! gxo

  3. I am sitting in front of the heater as I type this but fortunately the rain has stayed away for nearly a week now and the crops are coming in in a hurry, they are working 24 hours a day to get it done before the rain comes back on Friday! Alas the price has hit bottom for canola and the wheat has shot and sprung!!!!
    Global warming did some one say?!!!!!

  4. Oh you know what it is now pouring on the coast and I am sitting here in my flanny pj's. What tha?

    I do have to share husband was doing a procedure on a patient and he looked at her name Mrs Imeson, he joked with her saying 'you wouldn't be from byron bay...blah blah' She is in fact the grandaughter and her grandparents were the ones whose 99 year lease ran out...she has fond memories of staying in the house and knew the mildenhalls and thomsons etc....So so strange and coincidental!!!

  5. TOTALLY over it Simone. I'm a Summer gal, long days, hot nights, beach, salads, icecream, dresses, shorts... aaarrrggghhh it's doing my head in :o/
    Love that pic, I'd like to be there right now!
    I feel for you so much, I remember how difficult it was to dress when the odd day was either too hot or cold for the clothes that fit. Because we've had such a run of cold weather, you'd almost need to buy a few extra clothes, just to get you through. What a hassle! xo

  6. We had the heaters on last night. I was freezing here in brassie yesterday. Mimi xx

  7. Yes!. I was forced to wear a maxi today as I'm that weird post baby body shape and
    nothing fits! Ended up wearing leggings and a singlet under it :)

  8. omg simone i know! I am so over putting my winter clothes on every day & leaving all my nice maxi's in the cupboard! Screw you mother nature!

  9. It's currently raining here too and last week we had a huge thunderstorm - very uncharacteristic for this time of year!!


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