Thursday, December 8, 2011

Second guessing myself!

So I thought I had this Christmas shopping caper all wrapped up but now I am second guessing myself!
I keep wondering whether I have bought the boys enough? 

Stupid I know, as I have struggled to buy them things as it is. As they REALLY don't NEED anything and haven't really asked for anything in particular. Although Jasper did ask for a real dinosaur and a toy one! 

Finn is questioning me about Santa and whether he is real or not and counting the presents under the tree to see if there is an even amount for himself and Jasper. It's all getting a bit hard!

We usually lay the Santa sacks out on Christmas Eve and I always feel that they should be bulging but I don't think they will be this year. Simon thinks I have plenty but I will probably keep an eye out for things leading up until Christmas. Just in case!

Do you second guess yourself when it comes to buying Christmas presents? 

Simone xx

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  1. I think as a always want to spoil the little ones at Christmas time, and this year it was very hard for pete and I to NOT go overboard. But we did well and Jacq has some good quality presents.
    Dont forget all the pressies the boys are going to get from other friends and family, they are going to have a ball and will love what you got them Simone. x

  2. Maybe a quick trip to buy some t-shirts and boardies would fill up their sacks? Boys seem to need endless supply of them!

    Sal x

  3. I do it all the time it's awful. This year Hudson has everything & I think Charlotte is lacking. Buying for an 18mth old is tricky I believe, too old for some things, just not quite old enough for others. I also thought I was done & remembered I forgot a couple of family members. If you feel better topping up the Santa sacks.....Just do it :0)

  4. oh yes definitely. I write my list and then rewrite it and rewrite it again and then I do it again. I am going crazy but I want to finish everything by this weekend so I am sitting down with hubby this weekend to finalise how much we are spending. And I am trying to do it by number of gifts as well as monetary value being equal. It is all too hard!

  5. hahahahaha always........but remember all the other gifts from family we always end up with to much, smooch to you and stop second guessing yourself i'm sure you've got enough xx

  6. I am really struggling this year, I know I have purchased great gifts but when they are things like ipods, cameras, GHD straighteners they look so small, my poor tree will look like there are barely any gifts!!!
    Thank goodness the 4 yr old still loves regular toys to fill some space.
    Im sure you boys will be over joyed with all you have for them!

  7. Oh I totally do Simone. I know exactly how you feel. Problem is, I start out by thinking they don't NEED anything, so buy all these small items. Then, get closer to Christmas and get the guilts, so end buying more. And it's just completely ridiculous. Though I do feel for you with having an older child, I am thinking that will become quite tricky to handle. Christmas is a bit hard in some ways really. I'm sure both of your boys will be thrilled on Christmas morning :o) xo

  8. My dilema was that I'd spent so much more on Grace but I guess 7 week old Sophie won't know the difference and when it was Grace's first Christmas, we only bought her something small too. I'm sure you've got plenty for your boys and as the others say above, don't forget all the prezzies they'll get from other family members :)

  9. Hi, Simone! Lily's at that age where she doesn't know what she's missing out on. Yet :) But I do feel unprepared when family/friends drop by with 'early' Chrissy presents, especially when they've got kids themselves - feel like I need supply of back up pressies in the cupboard! I bet you did great with the pressies for your boys. Btw I saw some cool kids dress up costumes recently where the hat alone is a bulky stocking filler :)


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