Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Beach days.

We're squeezing in another little holiday before Christmas.
The sun is shining and the water is so beautiful and warm.

The rush to get all the Christmas decorations done and the Christmas presents organised before we left was worth it. 

As now I can relax and know that all I have to do when I get back is to fight the crowds and do the Christmas Food shop. Eeek!

Simone xx

image from my iphone


  1. where are you simone that looks amazing! much better than sydneys rubbish weather at the moment thats for sure!

  2. Im officially jealous!!

  3. Im officially jealous!!

  4. Wasn't today a corker! Enjoy your stay,x

  5. Oooo lucky lucky gal Simone. Relax and enjoy some of that beautiful sunshine for me please... I could SO do with some right now :o) xo


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