Saturday, November 5, 2011

The week that was :)

We did Halloween.

We did Putt Putt golf.

We did afternoon tea at Gloria Jeans :)

We had dinner at the Pub.

I started thinking about Christmas.

I gave into a ride at the mall :)

This is the view we wake up to for the next few days while we're on holidays :)

How has your week been?

Simone xx

all images my own iphone pics.


  1. HI Simone, looks like fun and its been beautiful weather by the looks. Can I ask where you are staying? (dont need to tell me until you have left;)looks so nice perfect little getaway.

  2. Putt putt always makes me laugh because we only ever do it on holidays. When you're not on hols the idea of it is just so silly. Ten pin bowling is the same. Enjoy yourselves! x

  3. oh that view is beautiful Simone! enjoy the break. x

  4. What a beeeeeautiful view! Sounds lovely... enjoy! gxo

  5. Oh my! Loving that dreamy view Simone. What a happy, lovely looking week you've had. Still trying to get my head around Christmas here, kind of in denial right now ;o) Enjoy the rest of your break away xo

  6. wow look at that veiw....bliss.....looks like a great time smooch lisa xx

  7. Oh that view is to die for. Have a lovely holiday. x


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