Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunshine and Sand.

We had a fabulous time in Byron this week. 
It turned into a bit of a boys trip with our friend Alex and his son coming to stay for a few days of surfing. I was just the photographer along for the ride to document everything :)

Finn paddling out

burritos on the deck



Jasper and Simon heading for a surf

The boys

I tagged along too :)

The view from the deck. Sigh....

We will be heading back to Byron in a month for another week as this is when Simon can take his xmas break and it's a perfect spot for our family beach holidays and the perfect wave for the boys to surf on. Although we will be staying in a different house.

So are you a beach holiday type of person or do you prefer an adventure holiday, the mountains etc?

all images my own


  1. I'm off to Buddha Gardens for a little pamper. Have you been there yet? Google it and try it next time. They do special things for pregnant women too. I recommend going early and spending half an hour in the garden. You will be so relaxed you will find it hard not to sleep!

  2. We live at the beach and also holiday at other beaches!

  3. Fantastic pics! What a gorgeous break it looks like you've had. I'd love to go to Byron Bay...and I love to surf although I rarely get to do it now and I was always crap at it anyway. Could you post up the link to the house? It looks like an amazing spot and I always like to support the national parks.

  4. Hi Im Jen, new follower, I live in Coffs not far from Byron, special part of the world,good for chillin, glad the weather was kind to you :)

  5. And what a fabulous photographer you make, Simone! Gorgeous pics and so glad to see one of you in there too :o)
    This break looks absolutely perfect. We are BIG beach getaway lovers. Not big on mountain or country style holidays at this stage. Maybe that will change, but there really is nothing like a coastal holiday... your photos prove that xo

  6. There is nothing better than a beach holiday we do one every year. I don't mind where as long there's salt and sand I'm happy


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