Monday, November 14, 2011

Pink and pretty.... just because.

I've had these images on my computer for ages.
 I just love all the pink and prettiness.
I guess knowing that I am soooo outnumbered by testosterone at home (including the dog) and with another boy on the way, sometimes a girl needs to get a fix of prettiness :)

How about you? Are you outnumbered in your household?
Do you have any pink in your house?!

Simone xx

I actually think all the images are from the lovely Laura from My Summerhouse. I know the last pic was from a Domayne catalogue :)


  1. Very pretty. The flowers steal the scene for sure. Love Kristina Re's china.Fiona

  2. Ha, well have I meant Mr Pink? That is an understatement, with two lil girls pink is everywhere and doesn't look like slowing down any time soon. I am slowly coming around to enjoy it too, definately brings out my girly side that I never really divulged in when I was younger;)Love these picsx

  3. Oh yes, we have lots of pink in this house. Not so much in the main living areas, but in the bathroom, my daughter's room and my study, yes, lots!

  4. Mia and I are out numbered, I love pretty things and am loving the Limoges new colours. Mimi xx

  5. Beautiful pictures, I'm very outnumbered here, 3 boys, 1 husband, two boy doggies and a cat called Max. But I do have my chickens (girls) so I could use up all my girl names.x

  6. What gorgeous images. Lyndon jokes that he is outnumbered by girls, Molly dog and I so there's a bit of pink about, but mostly blue as it's my favorite!

  7. Oh SO much prettiness here Simone. It's almost impossible for pink to be anything but gorgeous, but we don't have alot of it around here either. Totally outnumbered. Though I think I do make up for it with my girly wardrobe, filled with dresses and skirts and lots of lovely florals :o) xo

  8. My husband has the opposite problem to you. We have four little girls and each of them share my love of pink and prettiness. Tonight, he patiently let our 3yo and 4yo apply lipstick and nail polish. I'd say that he has given in to his feminine side. :)

  9. Lovely!!! I love pink, but thinking hard, I dont have any pink in my home at all! Hmm...

  10. Beautiful images! Can't get enough pink as I am the only girl in the house with a hubby and 3 boys.

    Bring back the high tea! Went to a 40th high tea recently and it was so lovely.

    Lou ; )

  11. Hi Simone,

    We live in a very pink and girly house. My husband would kill me for saying but he even has his own pink fairy costume :). The girls make him wear it. I have told him we will get a boy dog to even things up but to tell you the truth, I don't think he would have it any other way.
    Kel x

  12. Lots of gorgeous party in inspiration here! I just stumbled across your lovely blog through Molly's Maison. I look forward to popping back for some more heavenly inspiration! I just signed up as your latest follower!


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