Monday, November 28, 2011

Our Sunday.

We had a beautiful day yesterday surrounded by family and beautiful weather. There's nothing like a week of rain to make you appreciate the sunshine!

We spent the day at my sister in law's parents house and had a Moroccan feast of epic proportions! It is not every day that you have a 3 course lunch, it was divine!

1st course, delish lentil salad, tomato salad, cucumber salad, carrot and a spicy eggplant dish.

Finn and Grandma

2nd course was a Moroccan lamb, a Moroccan chicken dish, cous cous, curried cabbage and vegetables


Dessert was a selection of homemade icecreams including strawberry icecream with coulis and a rosewater and pistachio icecream. I forgot to get a photo of  this!

It was such a feast and so lovely to just sit and relax.
 It turned into a lunch that became an oops is that the time, we should be getting home to get the kids to bed!

How was your Sunday. Hope it was fabulous for you :)

Simone xx

images my own


  1. Oh now that is a feast, my moroccan was dismal compared to this! I do love the lamb in the spices so yummy...Glad to hear you enjoyed the day even though it was raining. Rain and summer time just isn't fair.

    Just preparing my christmas wish list for tomorrows post:)x

  2. omg that food sounds amazing, what a treat! x

  3. Utterly fabulous! I've never attempted Moroccan, but a lunch like this would be too divine not to. Happy day! x

  4. Love a day like this, it all looks so colourful and delicious Simone. What a great way to spend time with the family too. Yummo! xo


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