Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Ultimate Christmas Wish List!

I was tagged by Leanne from Urban Simplicity to share my Christmas Wish List.  It's a "wish" list so it's not entirely practical but maybe one thing from it would be nice :)

I would love a framed print of this Slim Aarons picture.

Still love this replica chair from Matt Blatt in a neutral colour I won't get sick of.

love this ring but can't remember where it came from

some gorgeous cutlery

leopard print heels, they don't have to be Louboutins ;)

Family calendar from Kikki K, I already have this years one and love it!

Drink dispenser from Alfresco Emporium

A weekend "glamping" in the National Park. It sounds kinda fun :)

An Hermes cuff

So there it is!

 I won't be holding my breath except for maybe the Kikki K calendar and the drink dispenser :)

In spirit of the game I am tagging a few other bloggers to play along if they wish - 

Karla from Ironmum Karla

Julie from Mama of 2 Boys

Jody from Lemon Rhodes

Kellie from Sasse Avenue

Now just to get my husband to read my blog :)

I might link it to my facebook page, I know he gets those feeds!
If you haven't joined me at facebook yet, come over and say hello. 

Simone xx


  1. Matt Blatt is someone I keep hearing more and more of... Will have to check his website out! Great wish list by the way!

    Sal x

  2. I could easily go a couple on your list Simone, thank you for the tag, I already have a few ideas and will put a bit more thought into it over the next couple of days.

    PS I am off to a Movember lunch at the Byron at Byron tomorrow and also going to check out the accom you stayed at. They all are booked up until next April so hopefully will get something this time next year. Love Mildenhall.x

  3. Great choices Simone! Love that slim Aaron's print too :)

    Abbey x

  4. Ooo some beautiful things for the wish list Simone. That first pic, I just can't stop staring at, magic!
    Glamping looks unreal, that is MY kind of camping ;o)
    I do hope you strike lucky with some of those wishes this Christmas.
    And oh YAY, thanks for the invite to participate, I will get a wriggle onto it asap... I'm sure I won't have too much trouble trying to create a list of the things I covet ;o) xo

  5. Your wish lists are always so glamourous! I've just caught up on your blog, haven't you been busy bee! Your trip to New York sounded wonderful, I love that city. And you're having another boy, how exciting! Three brothers, that's very special. I'm looking forward to seeing how you decorate the nursery..Have a lovely weekend, Rachaelxx

  6. Hi Simone,

    Your list divine! Thank you for the link and invitation to join in. You'll find this surprising but I have been keeping a little wish list for most of the year. Always dreaming and scheming:) I'll post it up this weekend. I LOVE CHRISTMAS TIME!

    Kel x

  7. Im loving the 'glamping', I so have to do that!! Cheers Leanne x


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