Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Today I am loving.....

 Love this cute and simple idea. Fairy floss cupcakes :)

Still love this idea. 
Even better now that Finn is into Scrabble/ Words with Friends .

Love this cute outfit. Bring on Spring!

Such a cute idea for a Christmas card, I'd love to get a pic of us all tangled in lights.

Sweet Wedding cupcakes :)

Love this Lego ice tray!

I loved this pic. There was something really light and airy about this home.
An original idea for the staircase.

So what are you loving today?

Simone xx

all images from my pinterest boards


  1. Love how that staircase is positioned!! What do you mean 'have to get a photo taken of us tangled up in lights' - don't you just get tangled up in the Christmas tree lights every single year, then a child comes to help, then get tangled & so on - you just need to take the photo alright of the natural candid state of decorating the tree, i think i might join you!! It was a bit Oprah (with Ellen) on the Christmas issue, but such a cute idea. Love Posie

  2. LOVE the scrabble tiles and those Lego ice blocks!! That room in the last shot is simply gorgeous, light and bright, tastefully styled... perfect!!

  3. You make such lovely discoveries Simone. I'm loving all of those things too! Especially like the Spring outfit, I would totally buy all of that. Also love the cupcakes and lego ice cubes, cute :o) xo


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