Monday, August 29, 2011

A peek around my home.

I thought I would show you how my house is looking at the moment. So many projects unfinished but I'm slowly getting there!

So first up Project "Jasper's room". I wanted a wall sized map of the world for a long time. I looked everywhere but nothing was the right size or right price ;) And commitment phobe that I am couldn't do the wallpaper option. 
So what else to do but get one made up myself! 

I'm quite happy with it but I just want Simon to make me up a white frame to go around it and finish it off. I'm not holding my breath though as I am still waiting on the trims from my bookshelves :)

So still a few jobs to complete here, repaint his bed (that we cut down from bunks)and a few other bits n bobs for his other wall.

In other parts of the house I have added splashes of yellow in anticipation of Spring!

Jobs to do here include finishing the trim on the bookcase (Simon!), change to sisal rug once the warmer weather comes in and also thinking of painting the coffee table white to lighten things up. 

Loving fresh flowers everywhere.
 My 2 jars from Armchair Collective. Not sure what to put in them yet. Any suggestions?

I've pared down the buffet and dug out some old family pics to display. I love having old photos around :)

I had to have an S for Simon & Simone of course!

My in progress gallery wall including some prints from Etsy and gorgeous artworks from Kerri :)I need to change the lampshade to white. I'm sure I have one in the cupboard somewhere.

Same cushions in the other lounge area. 
They are from Country Road and are so cheery.

Some prints I bought off Etsy from Evajuliet that I have above my desk. Love the typography and the message is very calming and positive :)

I also added some flowers to my bike that I received from mum for my birthday. So pretty, hmm I must gurney the footpath too!

So I have completed a few things but still lots more on my list! (and Simon's) I still have my vintage mirrors to be hung. 
They have only been wrapped up for about 5 months now!

We had the Council Clean up on the weekend. It was so satisfying to clear out the garage and just get rid of "junk" that we have held onto, "just in case". I listed a few things on Ebay as well.So as you can tell I am in the mood for a Spring clean.

 After a busy and productive weekend I am off today to watch Finn race at the Zone Athletics Carnival. So no cleaning for me today but my windows are on my list for tomorrow :)

Have you started a Spring clean yet? 
Or a you a sensible soul who keeps up to date with their jobs year round?

Have a wonderful day
Simone xx

all images my own.


  1. Mmmm, so much to love. Adoring those pops of yellow - and those gorgeous poppies. I got into a big spring clean on the weekend - wasn't it just the perfect weather for it?

  2. Looks great Simone! Love the way you have done Jaspers feature wall (I pinned it for inspiration for my girls room makeover I am doing just before bub #3 arrives!). The map turned out great.

    Where did you get the owl vase from?

  3. I am (almost) speechless about how brilliant your wall map is. It looks amazing, with a 3d effect!

  4. Your home is looking ready for spring Simone... can't wait for it to arrive here too... there are little signs everywhere. I'm eagerly anticipating the arrival of our new kitchen stools, otherwise it's all outside at SJW! gxo

  5. Gee your homei s so lovely Simone. I'd love to sit on those gorgeous couches of yours (and the yellow cushions) and sit down and have a cuppa and a chat :) I love all the spring touches and colours you've added around the place. And that wall map looks super - will be perfect with the trim around in.

    As for spring cleaning here, I have a HUGE list of things to get done which I think is part of the nesting phase I'm going through - I've listed what I definitely need to have done before bub arrives and what I'd like to get done before then.

    Have fun at the carnival x

  6. I've just realised that I haven't commented for what seems like forever.

    Your home is just beautiful, and I'm loving those yellow cushions, and your buffet. And your giant "S" too.

    Actually, I'm in love with it all. And I hope you sit and enjoy your home as much as I just have. xx

  7. Lovely Simone! I'm feeling the need to freshen things up for Spring too :)

  8. Oooh another one who is coveting that owl vase.


  9. Oh, Simone! What a sensation post. I'm so tickled to have had a peek around your house. There are so many pretties to admire. But, of course, I am *smitten* by the world map. Exactly the kind of thing I have been looking for! Off to email you now. J x

  10. Wow Simone! Your home is looking very ready for Spring! May I suggest filling one of the vases with the 'love heart' lollies that have those little love messages on them! The colours of the lollies would work beautifully with the colours of Spring.

  11. I could move right in. The large world print is fantastic. I like the glimpses of your dog in Jasper's room. Very cute.
    We have been cleaning out a bit here, and it's definitely good for the soul.

  12. looks like someone is being a busy shots big smooch lisa xx

  13. I love the pics from your house Simone! The world map you created is amazing. Hope Finn went well in his race today. xx

  14. I love the pics from your house Simone! The world map you created is amazing. Hope Finn went well in his race today. xx

  15. Hi Simone, just lovely. Can I suggest, filling the jars with beach shells, large or small, starfish, sand.. anything representing the ocean as we come into the warmer months! It's a fab look I've seen at Alfresco too of late xx

  16. Looks lovely Simone, and thanks so much for the mention - so glad you like your artwork :) And that map - fantastic. We've just done the district athletics up here too...hope Finn had a great day! K xx

  17. Looks beautiful Simone- gorgeous and fresh. Just lovely :-) xx

  18. Oh WOW Simone! You have incredible style. Loving everything about your home. The splashes of yellow are gorgeous; the bike complete with primula's (?) looks amazing; the world map is super cool.
    Thanks so much for the lovely tour of your beautiful home :o) xo

  19. Lovely home! Nice and cozy! And I agree, a world map is a must! I have one in my place too!:-)

  20. Looks like you have a lovely home. Love maps on wall too!

  21. Gorgeous, such a lovely home you have! I have been adding splashes of yellow here too, love it! bring on spring! x

  22. Wow Simone, your home is stunning. I absolutely looooove the map you have done in Jasper's room. My boys would love that - you are soooo creative.

  23. Your house is gorgeous, Simone. Can I ask what your paint colour is... I love that deep beige... :)

  24. Absolutely love and adore the world map, who made that for you?

  25. In love all your prints,your gallery wall looks fab and the vignette on the table with your S is fab xx


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