Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just dotty about spots!

I'm just dotty for anything with spots at the moment!
Aren't these all cute? So fresh :)

Have a gorgeous Saturday.

Simone xx

image via pinterest


  1. Beautiful...I like polka dots too xo

  2. I had so much fun when I put together a polka dot party for Grace's first birthday, so much cute inspiration. I love the macarons on the side of that cake. Enjoy your weekend x

  3. Love dots too and the colours are irresistible

  4. gorgeous! love me some polka dots! I especially like that cake! x

  5. How lovely. Especially those spotty straws. I want some!

  6. I bought a navy and white polka dot scarf this week that I LOVE! Go the spots (except on my face x)

  7. Please help me by reading my appeal on my profile

  8. Ooo yes, spots are gorgeous Simone. I've actually bought a few pieces of clothing with spots on them lately... loving the black and white spotty look... could explain why my favourite doggies are dalmatians! ;o) Lovely pics in this post xo


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