Saturday, August 20, 2011

10 Random facts about me today :)

1. I am only buying yellow flowers for the house at the moment. I'm matching them to my cushions :)

2. I have been eating Special K Honey and Almond for breakfast this last week. I go through phases and once this box is finished I will move on to something else. Any suggestions?

3. I am just about to jump in the car with the boys and drive 7 hours to visit family.

4. I just cleaned out my cupboards and donated 6 bags of clothes to Vinnies.

5.My middle name is Maree. It's a bit of a family tradition but I don't know why? No one is named Maree, only middle names. Strange!

6. I am working on a new project. All will be revealed in the next few weeks :)

7. I went to see the movie Friends with Benefits the other day (Mila Kunis/Justin Timberlake). Simon and I must have been the eldest in the audience but I found it really funny. I was obviously in the mood for something light! PS - Does anyone go to the movies without eating or drinking. Why do we buy things even if we don't really need them?!

8. Booked our flights and accommodation for New York in October. We are spoiling ourselves and staying at The Surrey. Can't wait!

9.I am still paying my gym membership and I haven't been in about 4 months! Must go on Monday to cxl it!

10. I am loving Bakers Delight White Choc and Berry scones at the moment. Which is quite dangerous if you read no. 9 again!

So that is all!
I bet you will be able to sleep at night now knowing all of this!

Simone xx

image Mario Testino from Kate Moss's wedding


  1. That was really cool, go to the gym, it's my brain free space zone, plus burns off those treats.
    Safe travels, today & to NY, how exciting, love Posie

  2. Loved reading this! Wow New York - I went there for a quick 4 days 6 years ago and loved it. We plan to return soon. Good on you for cleaning out the closet - its on my to do list. I say enjoy the Bakers Delight treats, sounds like your working it off with all youve been up to anyway. Enjoy your weekend.
    Rebecca x

  3. Ooooh, my favourite are the passion fruit and white choc scones from BD (I don't even like passionfruit normally but it just works so well). Enjoy I say- life is shortxxx

  4. A great post! I think i need to do something like that myself..
    I love love yellow at the moment, i just want to buy everything yellow!
    Enjoy visiting your family. xx

  5. What a beautiful blog! And if you're a fan of Special K (as am I), check out the SK Crisps - they're like cookie wafers with icing on top and strawberry filling, and not entirely unhealthy!

  6. Oh my - did you hear my "Squeeeeeeee!" when I read about New York? How FABULOUS! xx

  7. Ha...I love your 10 random facts...a 7 hour drive??? Goodness hope you have some good music to play.Thanks for sharing,
    Kiss Noises Linda

  8. I love this post Simone. And I do feel better for reading it, so there you go :o)
    Hmm, I often wonder if I'd fall into the same trap with a gym membership, I think it's safer if I just go for a run when I feel like it... cheaper too! ;o)
    Hope you had a lovely time visiting family. 7 hours is a long drive, but worth it I'm sure.
    So exciting that you've booked your trip now, Yippee! xo

  9. My middle name is Maree too.
    Catch up this week? x


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