Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I've been up to.

I'm creating this.....
So thanks to the terrible weather over the long weekend I finally got around to starting Jasper's new room.
He is moving into the room next to Finn and into a bigger bed. I finally got Simon to cut the bunks in half and I have moved in his clothes and attempted to edit some of his toys!

Also the ever growing book collection. Note to self stop buying books!Jasper's room is evolving into some kind of travel theme :) 
Still to come are more shelves, wall map and something for on top of his chest of drawers. Struggling for ideas there, any tips?

I'm trying to find the time to read these....
Water for Elephants is for me but our book for Book Club is How not to f*** them up by Oliver James.

 I'm finding it hard to settle with a book at the
 moment, I'm preferring to flick through magazines.

I'm enjoying.....
Simon's cooking. He loves the slow cooker so he is offering to do dinner more. Loving his lamb shanks

I want to try to make.....
gooey chocolate puddings and Jamie Olivers satay chicken and noodle dish.

I'm living in ......
scarves and boots. 
I can't get enough of .....
early bedtimes for myself (I'm talking 7.30-8.00pm - Jasper is at 7pm, Finn at 8pm), not sleeping but watching tv, online shopping and cruising the net :)

Snuggles with the boys.

Finn's happiness with his new blue Vans.

I'm laughing at.....
Jasper's new obsession with the Dsi (Finn's hand me down that he regifted to Jasper for a bday pressie). I love the look of concentration on his face as he plays Mario Bros!

I've developed......
a new coffee addiction. It's iced coffee, it's winter, it doesn't make sense but I can't get enough!

I'm mailing.....
2 birthday pressies off (late, ooops)plus a gift for my newest neice Emily. That brings my total of neices to 5 and 1 nephew. 
Not too bad in the space of 3 years!

I'm loving.....
Instagram lately on my iphone. It's a quick fix and not too many words! I'm on there under honey and fizz :) Let me know if you're on there too and I'll follow you.

Flannelette sheets - how good are they?

That our rabbit Fifi went missing for a night but found her way home safely :)

I'm looking forward to.....
My mum coming for a visit next week for 4 days

This rain stopping! I'm sooo behind on the washing it's scary :(

My books from arriving next week (so they say). I might have went a little overboard! 
Thanks to Jane for the booko tip xx

Finn's Gala Football day on Friday, if it doesnt get washed out 
and called off.

How about you?
What have you been up to?
Simone xx

images via pinterest except my own pics :)


  1. nice photo collection..your boys look like they're having fun.
    my son has the vans , he's 19. he's onto about his 4th pair now.
    wet washing all over the place here too.
    cheryl x

  2. The room looks great... and I love those Vans too! Nice when your boys get into clothes (occasionally!). A x

  3. sounds like you have been busy! The room is looking great.. seems to be the time of year for staying indoors and re arranging things!
    Lovely to read all your loves as always.

  4. What a busy, fantastic, beautiful post. Lots of wonderful things doing and to look forward to for you. Loving your photos also. Isn't the washing madness?? I have the original chinese laundry in my dining room. The heater running non stop to get each load dry... it's ridiculous, but it's working for now.
    Jasper's room is gorgeous, you have a fab eye for design and detail. Look forward to seeing the wall map.
    Oh and I'm totally into scarves at the moment also, so much can be done with them to enhance an old or black outfit xo

  5. Lots of lovely things keeping you busy. Is Jasper excited about having his own room? I know what you mean about falling behind with washing - my basket is full but it's pouring so I've draped one load across the little clothes horse in front of the heater :) As for winter fashion, I'm loving my new flat boots, think I'll be living in those over the next few months :) x

  6. Sounds exciting! I can't wait to see how Jasper's room would look like! Enjoy the lovely day, Kellie xx

  7. Just opened my Instagram this weekend--ridiculously cool. Have no idea how to find people. If you do please let me know, and of course share your info. I am at StyleManiac.

  8. Jaspers room is looking great, well done.
    What am I doing? Our renovation storyboards. A must, I've done months... no at least over a year of mag earmarking and cut outs, it's time to storyboard the different rooms and work out colours, textures, fittings, finishings etc. The other half doesn't seem to be in such a rush mmm, so I'm pushing the architect along (my brother) and the builders for final quotes. This is going to happen this year :-)
    Have a great rest of the week xx

  9. Hi Simone What a busy week you've had while I've been off air. I'm most impressed at the bunk sawing. I'm just about to start the bedroom decorating myself. I've just bought Susanna Salk's Room for Children ( which is chock-full of ideas. Go on, treat yourself to it! Oh, and thanks for the sweet mention ☺. J x


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