Sunday, June 5, 2011

What I want, what I'm loving....

Like many of you I am always blogging and reading blogs, catching up on my magazines and shopping online. 

This means I have endless pages from magazines torn out that are piling up, my recipe book is overflowing with things "I must try" and I'm always pinning away on Pinterest.  

Do you get an adrenalin rush from sensory overload? 
Or is that just me?! I love the feeling! 
Life seems exciting and the possibilities are endless of all the new things I want to do, try, read and blog about.
Here are a few things that caught my eye this week :

This book looks amazing!

The perfect winter shoe?

still loving a white chesterfield......

I'm loving my leopard print pj pants from Cotton On Body :)

Can't get enough of the Reality Show "Bethany Ever After"
Is anyone else watching this?  
I love her but how awkward was her bday party?!

Donna Hay's banana and caramel pudding

Also how good was Adore magazine this month, I think I wanted practically everything in there. Especially loving the cover shot.  Perfection!

What are you loving lately?

Simone xx

1st pic is a fabulous oreo cookie cake mold I found via pinterest.


  1. Always up for novelty - that giant cookie cake is amazingly cool. A white Chesterfield, that is amazing. Two toned shoes, LOVE!! Love Posie

  2. Hi simone,
    love the cookie tin! I have had a white chesterfield (or two) on my list for a while now too! Hope you are having a great weekend!
    Laura xx


  4. The oreo cookie mould is AMAZING! Love it! I'm like you Simone, I get very excited by a new magazine, a new website, a new BLOG! I think I permanently have sensory overload ;o)
    Lately I'm loving baking and cross stitch. I reignited my passion for cross stitch... probably from reading so many clever crafty blogs... now it's just making time to complete my little project :o)


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