Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Road Trip?

What would be your ultimate Road Trip? It's got me thinking....

The  School Holidays are coming up and I will be taking the kids and driving 7 hours to visit some family. My essentials with the boys are food (I try to get a mix of healthy and "fun" snacks!) and entertainment (ipod, dvd player, games etc)plus pillows, blankets etc to encourage that fabulous thing called sleep :)

The reality of my Road Trips is depicted in this picture below!

Think National Lampoons Vacation!

Think "are we there yet?", Wiggles songs, endless games of Ispy, squabbles between the boys, need I go on?!

But my Ultimate Road Trip would look something like this!

A girls Road Trip, heading to a gorgeous Beach Destination :)
Anywhere with sun, sand and surf would be fine with me!

Swoon, the perfect holiday cottage?!

My Road Trip Essentials include :
1. Fabulous company - a great friend up for some fun interspersed with relaxation.

2. Yummy snacks - Favourites from my childhood are Chico babies, Minties (remember the competition to unravel the wrapper into the longest piece?) water, fruit (boring but makes me feel virtuous!) I always intend to pack healthy sandwiches, dried fruit etc but you will mostly find me doing a Maccas stop or chips from the Service Station ;)

3. A comfy wardrobe.
 Think denim shorts, Havaianas, sunglasses a MUST! 

4. The Playlist - My taste tends to run to the Golden Oldies when driving thanks to my parents. I still remember every song to John Williamsons "True Blue" album (thanks dad!) 

Growing up the tapes played were Kenny Rogers, Dr Hook, Credence Clearwater Revival, Jimmy Barnes and I love to have one or two Power Ballads to belt out. Think "Total Eclipse of the Heart" or anything by Pat Benatar :) 

My eldest son and I share a love of Top 40 Music, so when we travel together we are singing along to Katy Perry, Rihanna, Adele, Bruno Mars etc. It's an eclectic mix!

But on my ultimate Road Trip to a beach holiday I would have to have The Beach Boys playing. I especially love Little Deuce Coupe.
So Summer, So Fun!

I've had some fabulous Road Trips in my life so far. 
Family holidays to the Gold Coast, Girls trips away to the South Coast (there is a coastal theme happening here!)and the most adventurous was Simon and I driving around Europe together before we had the boys. I can't wait to create more Road Trip memories for the boys and for us as a family.

 So tell me all about your Road Trips so far. 
What would be your ultimate trip? Who would you take?
What is your favourite driving song? Favourite snack?
I'd love to know :)

Simone xx

PS- This post was written as part of the Win a Ford Territory and Kidspot Challenge.


  1. Your road trip ideas sound PERFECT Simone!!! I'd love to pack the car with snacks & summer treats & drive off into the sun with some great girlfriends! xo

  2. Simone you put a smile on my face when you mentioned John Williamson, My late Dad loved him, last night he was on the music channel and Said to Hubby we need to get oneo f his cd, my kids need to know the words to John Williamson. Road trips are fun.

  3. It all sounds so wonderful - now I wanna go on a road trip xo

  4. We LOVE a road trip, hubby and I. We have done many and enjoyed every one of them. We've limited them a bit since the boys came along, but we've still done Nelson Bay a couple of times... a nice, manageable drive ;o)
    I love the drive to Coffs Harbour and we've driven to central Vic, as my brother & his fam live near Mount Hotham, it was awesome. My ultimate road trip would be around Australia, we really want to do that one day. It will be years away, but it's on the radar.
    Also love the girlies road trip, though I haven't done one of those in YEARS!
    Loving your pics in this post Simone :o) xo

  5. Words cannot express how much I love that first image. Wood panels all the way! x

  6. Love a good road trip Simone and yours sounds ab fab!

    My best road trip so far was 6 weeks through eastern Europe with Mr SJW in my early 20s. Started in Italy ended in Moscow. SUCH fun!

    Fantails are a must (reading the who am I's sure to keep you occupied), stops for picnic or Maccas, songs to sing a long with, comfy car, good company and if the little ones are part of it, a portable DVD player! gxo

  7. Wonderful, I'd like to have a road trip, too.
    Hug from Brasil


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