Monday, May 2, 2011

Wrapping it up!

May is THE birthday month in our household.
 We have 8 family birthdays plus Mothers Day so I will have a lot of wrapping to do! 

At the moment I am loving the simple brown paper with string and cute gift tags (I'm stopping myself from breaking out in song!)

I also better get onto planning Jasper's 4th birthday party which is in a couple of weeks plus leave some hints around the house for MY birthday present too!

I can't forget to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my niece Kate today as well :)

What are you wrapping your presents in these days?
 Do you have a month that is chock full of birthdays?


  1. gorgeous wrapping ideas. love the white writing on the brown paper.
    cheryl x

  2. So funny, I'm posting my spring gift guide this week, and have a feature planned on gift wrap ideas for spring. I'll have to link back to your post here as these are such pretty, fresh ideas.

    Just had an April month chock full of birthdays, and a bunch more coming up in May so I'll be wrapping in real life as well.

  3. Auguest is the shocker month for us....... about 290 birthdays, and then I went and added Elliott to the mix, too!!! I used to care a lot about how I wrapped pressies, these days its a bit of tissue paper dressed in fabric scraps or string or a bit of wayward ribbon - time is short!!! Love those images....... x

  4. Great wrap ideas, May is mad for me 2, but not as crazy as yours. My 2 kids May 12th, May 21st & my brother in law later in the month, then count mother's day too. Phew... Good luck with all of those celebrations.

  5. Lovely wrapping ideas - thanks. I too am a brown paper wrapper. All of my sales get sent in brown paper with an embellishment and ribbon. Hope you have a great birthday month! Michelle

  6. The love images Simone...My alltime favourite is brown paper too- love the simplicity. The crazy month has begun for us! x

  7. Ah, Simone, where did you find these gorgeous photos?! J x

  8. saying hi from


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